Tuincentrum Leurs - Venlo

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Thermoflor realised the extension of the warm greenhouse with 3 spans of 12.80 metre.

The cladding consists of coated glass with wood, and the roofing was done in sandwich panels and 32 mm polycarbonate sheets.  Solar panels were installed on the sandwich roofs.

The extension houses the Christmas village; in spring and in summer the greenhouse is used for garden furniture.  The coated black trusses in curved form give this department a very unique experience. All this makes the garden centre one of the finest in the Netherlands and beyond.

Tuincentrum Leurs in Venlo is truly a world of experience. All departments are sources of inspiration and the 2 restaurants make it a true afternoon out. No buffet restaurant but real table service!

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The Netherlands

Garden centres

4000 m²
Mies Architecten

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