The creation of a pleasant shopping climate with a long shelf life for your products and plants is achievable using a clever combination of techniques. A few examples: an energy- and cost-efficient heating system, a sun-blocking and energy-saving screening installation, lighting and general electricity, a water distribution network. Moreover, we are able to make all these systems work in harmony with an ingenious climate control system.


The electrical works within a greenhouse differ greatly from those in general construction. Greenhouse construction requires the use of materials and fixing methods that minimise the risk of the galvanised or powder-coated structure rusting over time.

Additionally, the influence of the correct lighting on the customer's buying behaviour is of great importance. After drawing up a lighting plan, we can provide a suitable, cost-effective solution for every situation. The lighting fixtures are tailor-made for your project. We can play with the light spectrum to make plants look healthier and ensure that they do not wilt or spoil as quickly.

Climate management of Climate control

Optimised climate control is essential for the comfortable and energy-efficient operation of a garden centre. A climate control programme controls air vents, screening, heating and other components according to your preferred settings. At Thermoflor, we offer climate control programmes that can be tailored to each project. Our installers will provide you with all the necessary information when the project is handed over to you.


Enjoy the benefits of a water distribution network with outlet points in the form of water reels and taps. We consult with you to determine the best way in which the water distribution network can be integrated to achieve the most efficient irrigation. Our experienced installers ensure you a great end result which is nicely incorporated in the entire project.


A screening installation is an essential part of regulating the greenhouse climate. A high-performance screening installation allows you to save on energy costs, protect your plants and products from the sun's strongest rays and create a pleasant shopping environment for your customers.

We use various systems to provide screening that is horizontal, vertical or parallel to the roof slope. The systems we use include roof roll screens, pull-wire and push/pull systems in all shapes and sizes.

Insect netting

To keep birds, insects, floating seeds and other organisms out of your garden or retail centre, we offer insect netting. Thanks to an accordion system, the ventilation capacity of the window is minimally affected. Insect netting can also be used to greatly reduce perceptible drafts inside the structure. Insect netting can be fitted to both new projects and existing greenhouses.


Our heating systems are specifically designed for greenhouse constructions. We calculate the energy losses beforehand in order to optimise our heating system as accurately as possible. We always install a made-to-measure heating system, whether it is a gas boiler, biomass power plant or heat pump. We can carry out the heat transfer with solutions such as air heaters, volume heating, underfloor heating, ventilation ducts, etc. Our engineers and HVAC installation team bring the most complex projects to a successful conclusion.

High pressure fogging system

How do you cool your garden or retail centre in a cost and energy-efficient manner on the hottest days of the year? The answer is through the smart combination of a screening system, air vents and a high pressure fogging system. The water of a fogging system is finely atomised by the high pressure, whereby it immediately evaporates. This draws heat from the environment and the extra moisture in the air is removed by the air vents in the roof.

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