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This double widespan greenhouse is contained on 3 sides between buildings and serves as an entrance to the Albert Heijn supermarket. It’s an attractive entrance to the supermarket and consists of 2 adjacent widespan naves with a ridge height of 7,8m. The greenhouses are made with trusses with a span of 12m each. Sandwich panels are used for the roof to avoid condensation. There is glass to the left and right of each ridge to let pleasant, zenithal light into the building. As the greenhouse is accessible to the public, safety glass is used. The access to the car park can be closed at night with an automatic rolling gate. Sliding doors provide access to the bicycles or the supermarket.

Minerva cars used to be built on this site. It has its own character with an access to the factory between the 2 imposing director's houses. This access will be extended with a double widespan greenhouse as a transparent construction between the 2 houses. The rest of the old factory will house an Albert Heijn supermarket with parking spaces. The double greenhouse serves as an eye-catcher. The greenhouse also has a function as a covered access in the trend of experience shopping. Visitors can park their bicycles in a bicycle shed and the entrance to the shop can be made pleasant with small quick-sale items such as flowers, or it can even accommodate a food truck.

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