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4000 m²
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An impressive renovation of over 4,000 m²!

Coppelmans' beautiful garden centre in Valkenswaard continues to grow. We are working at the expansion of the cold greenhouse, the warm greenhouse and the catering area. 

A striking feature of the renovation is the 'green look' with the use of solar panels, insulated materials and many wood accents. The plan also devotes a lot of attention to the new and attractive catering area with its outdoor terrace overlooking the Brabant countryside. '...with this beautiful outdoor terrace, anything will soon be possible,' says Bas Coppelmans. After the new building, the garden centre will have 9,000 m² of indoor garden pleasure and 1,500 m² of outdoor garden.

The Coppelmans family has a total of 8 garden centres in the Eindhoven region and are known for their large assortment of greenery, beautiful atmosphere rooms and Christmas shows.

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