Why does a central point of contact give you peace of mind?

Customers often say to us that "they don't want any problems" when they place a combined order for a project. However, let us be commercially honest and confirm that every project can run across problems that cannot be predicted. This is the reason why we emphasise here the true additional value that your central point of contact can offer.

Worry-free & trust 

Important information always needs to be passed on to the right person, but let's do what we humans do best and neglect to remind ourselves of the times all went right.

It is also a utopia to think that a central point of contact can prevent project issues completely. The relevant expertise and professionalism will reduce the probability of them occurring significantly, but how should unexpected external factors be dealt with? It is then, in particular, that the customer counts on short communication lines and correct information.  

A problem often arises from a complex concurrence of circumstances and stakeholders. In the first instance, customers need us to ensure that such issues do not become a worry and trust that the central point of contact will solve any possible problems. The central point of contact therefore is expected not only to resolve internal issues, but also to act in a broader sense so that the results that are envisaged together with the customer can be attained.

The customer as a partner

The central point of contact must therefore not be viewed as a standalone supplier or contractor in relation to the customer, but as a partner. From this approach, a central point of contact can start to act differently. It is true that, in a standalone relationship, you respond to your best ability on a daily basis with regard to every situation, but a partner will identify the problems and assess issues again and again from a broader perspective where the customer's objectives are always given the highest priority. The worries or requirements can, after all, change throughout a project.

The central point of contact will therefore not just answer the customer's questions, but will gather information continuously to maintain a broad view. The commitment that this creates means that the central point of contact continues to be vigilant and that problems can be detected in a timely manner. The broader perspective also means that better solutions can be found quickly. The fact is that the best solution is the one that keeps the cost price, time and objectives in equilibrium at all times. 

Does a customer really want to be king?

When at least two partners combine forces, a team is created. A customer feels more at home in a team rather than when he or she is the proverbial king. The fact is that a king must assume his responsibility and is deemed to be the leader. A team member, on the other hand, feels surrounded and supported. Within a team, a problem can be viewed as an opportunity to create trust and to work together in a constructive manner. Someone who feels supported will more readily offer support himself or herself. This means that a strong and growing working relationship is also created for the long term since the customer and partner count on an excellent service and reference relationship after the project has been completed.   

The source of information

The central point of contact will ensure that all the information sourced from different places can be found at one central location. The customer can seek information from just one person and can therefore assess every situation in one fell swoop. The partner can gather more information and act more creatively within the team by looking further afield. This is how the partner distinguishes himself or herself and offers added value to the customer! The customer, in turn, can focus entirely on the objectives of his or her project.

Peace of mind …

Customers have full peace of mind if they can trust that worries remain within the designated limits and that the correct information is past on quickly and efficiently through short communication lines. A creative solution is available for everything within a team and every problem can contribute to a good long-term relationship where only a minimum of effort from each team member will be required.

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