Saving energy and covering with 32mm polycarbonate

With energy prices rising sharply, there is more need than ever to save energy in a garden centre.

Thermoflor bij Coppelmans Oss

Energy savings in a garden centre 

Energy savings in a garden centre can be achieved, for instance by LED lighting, by heat pumps and by smart climate computers, but above all it starts with the insulation of the building envelope.

In new building situations, the Building Decree provides quite a few obligations to insulate the 'envelope' of the building to a high standard. The situation is different in existing garden centres. Here, insulating materials were probably used at the time, but in 2022 there are much better ones. Time to sound out the possibilities.

What's the problem?

Most energy is lost through the roofs. The roofs we have built in recent decades consist mainly of single glass and 16 mm polycarbonate. This single glass saves next to nothing and polycarbonate 16 mm does save some energy, but it could be much better.


What solution can we suggest?

Covering with polycarbonate 32 mm, for example. Theoretically, you can save about 35% on your energy costs with this material compared to 16 mm. Especially in older greenhouses where the polycarbonate sheets are due for replacement anyway, this 32 mm option is an alternative to be considered. Furthermore, due to its diffuse cross-section, this polycarbonate gives a nice light incidence, making it pleasant shopping in your garden centre.

Roofs can also be renovated with sandwich panels. These have an even better energy saving than polycarbonate 32 mm, however, there is no light penetration. This is fine for e.g. pet and wood departmen, but for plants it is not an option. Moreover, daylight contributes to the customer's well-being, so be careful in your choice.

Do you want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the pros and cons of the various materials and the possibilities for your garden centre, do not hesitate to contact Ben Boon +31 (0)6 53 39 41 52 or 

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