Do you want to build a garden centre? Thermoflor offers total solutions in garden centres ranging from the initial idea to the grand opening

To build a garden centre or, rather, to build a successful garden centre involves more than just producing building drawings, manufacturing parts and engaging contractors. As we extensively describe on our homepage, the added value of Thermoflor already starts well before the first building drawings when we carry out market research, provide consultancy services and insight into commercial opportunities and threats and consult about the optimum range for your local market and about the best way to present your items. And these are but a few key preconditions for your commercial success. When we build a garden centre, we are your consultant, project developer and contractor all rolled into one. Gathering insights into the client and the market is therefore a crucial first step.

Well-produced overall design with all technologies

Building a garden centre together with Thermoflor means, in principle, that you have but one point of contact for the entire project. We will not just design and build the shell of your building, we will also provide the climate systems and the systems for the supply and discharge of water. For kitchens and sanitary facilities, but also, of course, for professional spraying, irrigation and fertilisation systems and even the ponds and containers for the sale of water plants. All electrical systems for lighting and grow lights, shading screens, access systems and security and the IT network (tills). Plus, let us not forget, the very popular solar panels among clients and their customers. You will have one point of contact from concept to turnkey delivery for all of these issues.

Building a garden centre: design and production

Once we agree on what needs to be created and when the rough distribution of the areas is clear, our design teams can get going. Our architects have realised dozens of garden centres and therefore know exactly what is possible and what is not. Our preference is obviously to use standard dimensions for the greenhouse part as most commonly used in agriculture so that we can easily add modules later on. The production of the load-bearing elements and the glass walls and roofs takes place at our sister company Deforche Construct in Belgium that specialises in this. From this location, they are taken in containers to the construction site wherever this may be in the world.

Assembly of the new garden centre

Next, we have the stage when we actually build the garden centre. Now, everything is suddenly super-fast because all parts are delivered ready for use. Depending on the location, we may also be able to get parts from local producers. We, for example, prefer to mainly have the glazing produced locally to limit transport costs and risks. In some countries such as the USA, there is also an obligation to use local suppliers for, for example, electrical systems. In these cases, we buy services and materials on location and we take charge of the role of local project manager. We also, for that matter, take charge of the entire interior design. Ranging from the 'welcome' mat and the store layout through to the till islands and the safe exit from the car park ... when we build your garden centre, it is ready for your customers upon completion.

After sale maintenance and service

We invest in long-term relationships so that we can still count on your trust after many years when you want to expand or when your garden centre could do with a facelift. You can count on our consultancy services and technical service that is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any emergency repairs or maintenance.

Are you thinking about innovation?

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