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Garden centre new build - give yourself the best commercial opportunities

In by far the most cases, a new build is the best option when starting and successfully managing a garden centre. This also applies when converting a nursery into a garden centre when you therefore already have the required greenhouses and growing glasshouses. The layout of a nursery is basically not the ideal layout for a garden centre. Regardless of whether you are starting from an existing nursery or have a construction site earmarked for a garden centre, a new build will give you the best chance of achieving commercial success. And this will certainly be the case if you develop and build your garden centre with the specialist: Thermoflor. 

You will find an overview of our development projects on this page. New build garden centres in different countries and continents that have all been built to comply optimally with the requirements of local consumers. Target group-focused building of successful garden centres is Thermoflor's strength.

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