Roof types

Gable roofs

The gable roof is optimally suited for the application of light-transmitting roof coverings such as glass, polycarbonate and PV panels. The ventilation capacity is also highest when this roof shape is used. The standard inclination of these roofs is 21 degrees, but can be adjusted as required. Within the gable roof form there is the possibility to work with various frame types:

  • straight truss frame
  • curved truss frame
  • portal frame

Straight truss frame

The straight truss is the most common type of truss. It has an open structure and therefore a light and filigree appearance. It is a functional form with an optimal distribution of the steel. The material dimensions are closely linked to the applicable requirements and standards.

Curved truss frame

Curved trusses, like the straight trusses, have an open light structure, but the underside of the truss is curved. This creates a more botanical atmosphere in the garden center, which appeals to the old forms of botanical greenhouses.

Portal truss

Closed gantries have no truss structure and consist of box profiles and / or IPE profiles. This gives the building a more industrial appearance. Furthermore, all roof coverings are possible that are also possible with the trusses.

Arched roofs

With the professionalization of the industry and the buildings, various other forms have also emerged. Curved roofs, for example, are a recent development in the construction of garden centers. The radius of the curved roof is optional and the roof covering consists of various types of profiled sheets with insulation. In practice, curved roofs are often combined with gable roofs; The curved roofs as main or entrance hood with the light-transmitting gable roof roofs next to it.

Open Sky® roofs

The Open Sky® greenhouse is one of the high-profile developments at Thermoflor. The roof of this greenhouse consists entirely of air vents, which can be opened to the vertical position. Ideal for covering outside gardens of garden and wholesale centers. In bad weather, the windows are fully or partially closed, so that sales in the outside garden can continue as normal. In dry weather the windows are open, so that the customers have the feeling that they are shopping outside and the quality of the products remains optimal.

The Open Sky® roofs can be divided into two types namely MLS and MLV. The choice depends on the desired ventilation capacity.


Greenhouse with several air vents below each other that can be opened to the normal position.


Greenhouse with several air vents below each other that can be opened to an almost vertical position.


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