Thermoflor Construct Installations



We have a wide variety of screening installations for your garden centre. What you want will depend primarily on your functional requirements. Do you want to achieve protection against the sun, save energy or do you want shading merely for decorative purposes? The present state of the art offers you many options. Thermoflor will gladly advise you about the possibilities.


Thermoflor has gained substantial experience in the installation of various types of heating systems. It is our pleasure to offer you our comprehensive range of solutions: a boiler installation with a boiler, burner and distributor for several groups, floor heating, air heaters, radiators and mechanical ventilation. And of course. Ask our heating specialists which system would offer you the most attractive future perspectives!

Climate control

Thermoflor has developed its own programmes for controlling the climate in your garden centre. The aim is to combine a greenhouse climate that is favourable for your plants with shopping comfort for your customers. We have translated the complex requirements involved into user-friendly control programmes that offer you a lot of flexibility. Our programmes will help you optimally control your heating, ventilation, screening and cooling in all departments.


All electrotechnical installation tasks can be carried out by our own professionals. Our specialists are familiar with the whole range of electrotechnical systems, including power distributors, cable channels, strip-light fittings, emergency power supplies and much more. We also integrate all peripheral installations in our overall systems: data networks, telephone and audio systems, burglar alarm systems, camera surveillance systems and access monitoring systems. You will be assured of an installation that meets all the latest standards and requirements. With guaranteed operational safety.

Water engineering

We can set you on the right course for efficient, reliable and economical solutions for your garden’s centre’s complete water technology, too. We propose smart alternatives for collecting rainwater or filtering water. You will also be able to benefit from Thermoflor’s knowhow in the installation of your irrigation system. From the connection of rain robots to your computers right through to the installation of  tap water systems for fertilisation: every detail is given the attention it deserves. So that your plants won’t lack anything.