Thermoflor Construct Types of roofs

Types of roofs

Gable roofs

Gable roofs are ideal for light-transmitting roofing materials such as glass, polycarbonate and PV panels. Roofs of this type also have the greatest ventilation capacity. Gable roofs have a standard gradient of 21 degrees, but that can optionally be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. Different types of trusses can be used for gable roofs:

  1. Straight trellis trusses
  2. Curved trellis trusses
  3. Portal trusses

Curved roofs

The professionalisation of our sector and its buildings has led to various new designs. Curved roofs, for example, are a recent development in the construction of garden centres.  The radius of a curved roof can be chosen to suit your requirements, and the roof can be covered with various types of insulated profiled plates. In practice, curved roofs are often combined with gable roofs, a curved roof being used for a main area or entrance, with light-transmitting gable roofs next to it.

Open-Sky® roofs

The Open-Sky® greenhouse is one of Thermoflor’s much-talked-about developments. The entire roof of greenhouses of this type consists of ventilating windows that can be opened right up to vertical position. Ideal for covering outdoor retail areas of garden and wholesale centres. On rainy days the windows can be completely or partly closed to allow sales in the outdoor area to continue as usual. And when it’s dry the windows can be opened to give customers the impression that they are shopping outdoors, and to ensure that the products will retain their optimum quality.

There are two types of Open-Sky® roofs: MLS and MLV. Which one will be most suitable for you will depend on your desired ventilation capacity.

  1. MLS: a greenhouse with several ventilating windows set one above the other that can be opened to normal position.
  2. MLV: a greenhouse with several ventilating windows set one above the other that can be opened to almost vertical position.