Thermoflor Construct Covering materials

Covering materials

The most suitable type of covering materials will depend on the type of activities

An allround garden-centre builder such as Thermoflor also grants you maximum freedom regarding your choice of covering materials. Glass, plastic and sandwich panels are most frequently used in garden-centre construction.

In choosing the type of material you want to use it is a good idea to consider the activities that will be taking place under your roof. Do you need a high light incidence? Then glass will be the most suitable roofing material for you. It will ensure good growth of plants while giving your garden centre a transparent look. If a high insulation factor is your prime aim then Thermoflor will advise you to consider plastic. Plastic is also a good choice with respect to water insulation, while guaranteeing sufficient light incidence. Sandwich panels will be the best solution for meeting other requirements.

You may of course rest assured that Thermoflor’s advice will be based on thorough knowledge of local standards and regulations, which may range from national ISO regulations to local requirements relating to fire resistance.