Thermoflor Construct Aluminium systems

Aluminium systems

Our own aluminium systems for maximum efficiency

Having started out as greenhouse builders, we are of course intimately familiar with aluminium systems. And as our aim is to guarantee optimum quality, we develop our own building systems for garden centres.

We use our own moulds to meet any aluminium system’s requirements in profile thicknesses of 4, 8, 16 or 32 mm. Thermoflor offers you a full range of aluminium profiles for any type of glass, from single to insulating glass.

The use of our own systems enables us to adjust designs to local regulations. Our aluminium systems are very advanced thanks to our many years’ practical experience. Our designs involve no risk of thermal bridges. And extras such as profiles with rubber seals or facilities for collecting condensation can be simply integrated in a design. Thermoflor can moreover guarantee a drip-free roof structure: with Thermoflor’s Anti-Condensation (TAC) system, condensation on roofing and cladding materials is a thing of the past!