Thermoflor Construct Top quality and everything perfectly according to schedule

Top quality and everything perfectly according to schedule

“We will organise everything for you, so that you can continue to focus on your own business”

Since 1877 Thermoflor has been a reliable, financially sound family business that has built more than 3,000 garden centres and other buildings worldwide. Engineering and production are done in-house and we also manage the entire building process ourselves.

Ever more entrepreneurs are opting for turnkey construction. The entrepreneur/principal then grants a contractor full responsibility for an entire project. This means that we, as the contractor, have final responsibility for all the construction disciplines, from design and the actual implementation right through to the project’s official completion. So the principal hands over full control of a complex process.

Five reasons for opting for Thermoflor Turnkey

  1. We guarantee the agreed budget and deadline.
  2. We guarantee total compliance with the relevant regulations and statutory requirements.
  3. We guarantee the highest structural quality by manufacturing our building materials ourselves.
  4. You will have one contact for all your wishes and questions and one invoice address.
  5. The building work will proceed smoothly and you will benefit from a shorter completion time.