Thermoflor Construct Top quality and everything perfectly according to schedule

Top quality and everything perfectly according to schedule

“We take over all your worries, you can continue to focus on your business”

Thermoflor has been a reliable and innovative engineering and construction company since 1877, which has supplied more than 3,000 garden centers and other buildings worldwide. We have our own production facility and our own construction and service employees that we deploy internationally.

More and more clients are opting for the 'turnkey' construction approach, in which they transfer the coordination of the construction process to us. For example, Thermoflor was already responsible for all construction disciplines on a regular basis, from design to final execution and delivery.

For you as a client this method offers many advantages:

  1. We guarantee the agreed budget and delivery period.
  2. We guarantee the correct application of legislation and regulations.
  3. We guarantee the highest construction quality through our own production.
  4. You have one contact person for all wishes and questions and only one billing address.
  5. The construction process runs smoothly, which means you benefit from a shorter turnaround time.