Thermoflor Construct Top quality and everything perfectly according to schedule

Top quality and everything perfectly according to schedule

“Thanks to Thermoflor Turnkey we were able to continue to concentrate on our company’s growth”

Mark and Paul Smeets have been extremely successful garden-centre managers for many years. They tell us why they opted for Thermoflor Turnkey for the construction of their new Intratuin branch in Maastricht.

“We discovered long ago how important focus is to us. As long as we concentrate on our business, things go well - very well in fact. That’s why we opted for Thermoflor Turnkey.

It’s ideal to be able to outsource your entire building process to a single company; that saves you a lot of hassle. But it will only work if you can trust the company concerned 100%. That’s something we were certain of with Thermoflor; over the years they have time and time again proven to deliver the promised quality and meet the agreed deadlines. Everything went perfectly for us, too, enabling us to concentrate on our own business during the building work. And with success: we’ve never had such a good year before!”