Thermoflor Construct Architecture


“Perfectly balanced design and functionality”

If you have designed and built more than 3,000 garden centres and other buildings worldwide you know precisely what garden-centre managers want. In the first place of course a fantastic-looking building of which you are proud. At the same time your garden centre must be an exceptionally pleasant place for your employees and customers. Only then will your enterprise be able to achieve your envisaged success.

We are of course accustomed to working with many different architects. But we can also be of service to you with our own architects. Below you can see how we can arrive at an optimum design for your garden centre together with you. Your wishes are our priority, and we will regularly get together with you to evaluate the progress so that you will always have full control over the entire design process.

The phases of our design process

1. Briefing

  • Meeting one another to establish the design requirements.
  • With our expertise we think along with you in terms of advice and possible solutions.
  • Together we arrive at an unambiguous request and a set of requirements.

2. Debriefing

  • Thermoflor interprets your request and wishes in understandable terms.
  • We formulate the design requirements.

3. Concept study

  • Thermoflor develops a concept (an idea, drawing) and calculates the corresponding budget estimate. The various options are shown and explained in a presentation.
  • We adjust or change the concept on the basis of your feedback.
  • A definitive version of the adjusted concept is elaborated.

4. Schematic design

The concept is elaborated in a schematic design and a plan of action for engineering, advice and

5. Preliminary design

  • Creating the general framework on which to base the project.
  • The building and/or investment costs are calculated.
  • Permit applications are submitted and managed.
  • Other advisers and authorities concerned are consulted to coordinate the project.

6. Construction

  • Start of the building process.
  • Evaluation/assessing the customer’s satisfaction with the design process.
  • Monitoring and checking whether the work is being carried out according to the agreed design.