Thermoflor Construct Advice on location, range and routing

Advice on location, range and routing

“The basis for your success and growth”

As builders of greenhouses and garden centres since 1877 we know that growth and success are not dependent on a building alone. At least equally important criteria are your location, range and the layout and routing of your shop. They are after all the basis for your success and growth.

That’s why we will gladly help you analyse your customer potential and the competition in your particular market.
We can also support you in determining your range of products and the routing through your garden centre, so that you will be assured of an assortment that will generate maximum turnover and profits.

Finding the right location/Market research

A good location is one of the most important keys to success. That’s why we will gladly help you make a sound decision. We will analyse your market and competition to obtain a good impression of your customer potential. 

We always study all the potential influential factors such as household composition, distribution of income, types of nearby buildings and travelling times. We will of course also include an analysis of the competition in your specific market, which we will clearly visualise for you. You will then know precisely whether the location you have in mind has the potential for your envisaged turnover and profits.


We will discuss with you how you aim to stand out in your market, and will find out what your greatest strengths are. Once we have sorted out your range we will determine the layout of your garden centre and the number of m2  per group of articles according to your wishes.

We will then work out the most suitable routing with due allowance for your various target groups, including run shoppers and fun shoppers, which we will optimally balance to ensure maximum turnover and profits for you.