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Re-building garden centre Villa Verde Tollevast (FR)

Ready for winter in France

In the northwest of France, around 300 kilometres from Paris, lies the family company Villa Verde Tollevast. The garden centre, with an area of three hectares, is to be found along the RN13 to Cherbourg.

The company was established by Paul Legruel in 1984. At first its focus was purely on gardening, but over the years it evolved into a fully-fledged garden centre by including garden furniture and summer-houses in its range. The enterprise was later taken over by two brothers of the Legruel family.

During a spell of very bad weather part of the greenhouse area proved to be unable to tolerate high snow loads. The brothers decided to totally demolish that part of their garden centre and replace it with a new structure.  Thermoflor was asked to install three new roofs with a total area of 1500 m2 in two phases. The roof, a few end walls and one side wall of the existing buildings are also going to be replaced. 

The first building phase was completed around the end of October, enabling Villa Verde to welcome customers to its new premises well before Christmas. Early January Thermoflor started work on phase 2, in which the structures of phases 1 and 2 were joined together.

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