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Tuinland Groningen (NL)

’Good things at a fair price in a green ambiance’ is how Mr Drenth characterises his concept - perhaps that’s why he gets along with Thermoflor so well. We performed our first assignment for this customer in 1984. The completion of the latest garden centre will give the town of Groningen a great new attraction for consumers, especially as a branch of the Gamma chain of DIY stores is being built right next to it. The broad front side of Tuinland will catch people’s attention from quite a distance.

The municipal authorities wanted the garden centre to look like a real greenhouse. The wall panels look as though they are made of glass, but being filled with PUR foam, they are opaque. The mega-project is not overwhelming inside thanks to the pleasant ambiance created by a smart use of colours. On paper, the use of colours seemed rather daring, but it worked out very well in practice. The use of a lot of natural materials enhances the garden centre’s accessibility.

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