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Surprising new build gardencentre Wolters (NL)

‘We don’t want you to just add on a few new roofs; we want something really special’. This was the assignment that the entrepreneur Jos Wolters gave to Thermoflor. The past few years his family-run garden centre has grown into an enterprise hors category.

With a total area of 20,000 m2, the shop ranks among the largest garden centres in the Netherlands. Thanks to its favourable location close to the border it also attracts many German customers. 

In October we have started to build something that will indeed be very special. Mr Wolters wants to continue to surprise his customers and encourage them to visit his shop. The design is very successful: an attractive wooden supporting structure combined with insulated round roofs, a patio and an enclosed interior garden. An extra area of 3,700 m²  will accommodate a new restaurant and adjacent shops-in-shops,

The concrete floor of Wolters’ new garden centre in Overdinkel was cast shortly before Christmas, so that it would be able to harden during the holiday. The next step was the clinker paving, after Cogas Zuid B.V. had installed the underfloor heating, electricity and other systems. We are finishing the outdoor work the coming winter months, installing the fire screens and the automatic sliding doors. Then the work in the interior can begin, and in April garden centre Wolters will be ready for a wonderful new garden season. ‘This is definitely going to be an exciting experience!’.

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