Thermoflor Construct Large numbers of visitors prompt Garden centre Leurs to expand (NL)

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Large numbers of visitors prompt Garden centre Leurs to expand (NL)

Garden centre Leurs in Venlo is a household name in the Netherlands that also attracts many German visitors thanks to its favourable location close to the border. The garden centre with its characteristic tulip-shaped pyramid is well known for its welcoming atmopshere and ambiance and the annual Christmas show attracting more than 350,000 visitors.  

We started working on the extension, measuring around 4,000 m2, in March. In consultation with Leurs and our architect we have designed an attractive plan comprising curved trusses and wooden strips. It comprises an anthracite coated structure, transparent plates along the northern side, black sunscreens and curved trusses, and has an eaves height of 6 metres. Besides a larger retail area in which to present all its different articles, the garden centre now also has more room for storage and its logistic activities. That extra space had become absolutely essential considering the large numbers of visitors.

The employed materials all have high insulation values, meeting all the requirements of modern, sustainable construction. 

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