Thermoflor Construct Plantagen Turku-Skanssi (FI)

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Plantagen Turku-Skanssi (FI)

The greenhouse was given straight outlines to make it harmonise with the rest of the shopping centre. We used half-span roofs along the sides of the building, to give it high walls. At the front we installed an extra, non-supporting transparent wall intended merely for aesthetic purposes. It was erected in front of the roofs to create the appearance of a straight front wall.

We based the design and building materials of this Plantagen branch on the Finnish climate. The outdoor garden, for example, is partly sheltered by an overhead covered walkway, and we made use of materials with high insulation values. The Plantagen garden centre shares its technical areas, storerooms and offices with the DIY store next door. The latter adjoins the garden centre, and the rear parts of the two buildings contain the secondary areas. This welcome new acquisition for Turku opened its doors to the public in the spring of 2014.

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