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Plantagen Hasselby (SE)

Plantagen’s new branch in Hasselby means a return to the chain’s greatest strength: green. Green was unmistakably the leading principle in designing this building, which features a new type of routing and various transparent materials such as glass. The garden centre was opened in the spring of 2014.

The intensifying focus on ways of saving energy means that less use is often made of transparent materials these days. And yet it is certainly possible to create a light building with due concern for insulation values. That’s why we combined highly advanced transparent materials with integrated climate-control systems in Hasselby.

The focus on the sale of green products is also visible inside the building. For example, it no longer includes a restaurant, and the new routing enables flexible use of areas. There is a movable wall between the heated and unheated greenhouses, and transparent overhead doors  create a spatial atmosphere when they are open. A welcome green, flexible addition to the Plantagen chain.


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