Thermoflor Construct Renovation roof at garden centre Intratuin Venray (NL)

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Renovation roof at garden centre Intratuin Venray (NL)

Diversity in the incidence of light through roof plates creates atmosphere and the right climate 

Around 23 years after its initial construction, the Venray branch of the Intratuin chain of garden centres found that its roof plates needed to be replaced. For entrepreneur Ine van Dijck this meant an excellent opportunity to direct the incidence of light through the roof to better suit her various product groups. She had the roof plates above the garden furniture department replaced by dark plates with 0% light transmission – the ideal way of keeping this department pleasantly cool on hot days. 

And in the indoor plants department, which needs more light, the plates were replaced by translucent panels. In total, the old polycarbonate plates have been replaced by new plates in four 12.8-metre-wide roofs. Thermoflor completed the restyling work in September 2014.

Owner Ine van Dijck is very satisfied with her refurbished building.
“I was looking for a partner with knowledge of the garden-centre sector. Thermoflor was a logical choice for me. I could rely on expert advice, and the work proceeded so smoothly that I was able to continue business in the shop as usual.“

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