Thermoflor Construct Refurbishment garden centre Intratuin Enschede (NL)

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Refurbishment garden centre Intratuin Enschede (NL)

We refurbished the greater part of the roof of the Enschede branch of the Intratuin chain of garden centres. The unheated and heated greenhouses were both roofed with new polycarbonate plates and sandwich panels.

The polycarbonate plates are 32 mm thick and have a U value of 1.1, which ensures a substantial saving in energy. During this renovation the gutters were also insulated, making the building even more sustainable.

Another factor we considered in choosing the building materials, besides the aforementioned saving in energy, was the incidence of light in order to create an optimum atmosphere in the garden centre. Replacing old roofing is often worthwhile. Calculation models have shown that the leakage of energy via the 32-mm polycarbonate plates is more than 40% less than that via traditional 16-mm plates. The saving with respect to single glass is even greater.

The density and discharge of condensation of our new aluminium roof systems have moreover been thoroughly tested to optimise their efficiency, which implies extra savings.

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