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Huplant - Hirschthal (CH)

Within a very short space of time we have rebuilt both the production greenhouse and the garden centre of the Swiss Huplant. The buildings of this combined business had been irreparably damaged by a severe hail storm. The garden centre has been given an entirely new look. Several solutions have been combined to ensure a constant indoor climate in spite of the varying weather in Switzerland.

The total area of 3700 m2  has been built in two phases, so that business could continue as usual as much as possible. The garden centre has an elegant, modern look. Elegant thanks to the combination of stone and glass in the walls, while a semicircular entrance built into the building gives the whole a modern finish.

The building has been soundly insulated with our 32-mm Thermolux wall system to ensure comfortable conditions indoors during the cold Swiss winters. And the use of Stopsol glass and innovative roller screens on the glass roofs will keep the indoor climate pleasant in summer, too. When these screens are rolled out over the roofs the temperature indoors will be eight degrees lower than that outdoors. All in all an ideal combination of materials and systems to create comfortable shopping conditions in all types of weather.

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