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Haskins Roundstone (GB)

This new garden centre replaces an old one. It is the greatest new-build project of 2012 in the UK. The new flagship garden centre of the Haskins Group is based on the latest energy-saving technologies. It also boasts an ultra-modern restaurant that can seat around 500 visitors. The restaurant’s highly appealing ambiance will turn any customer’s visit into a real treat.

Two-thirds of the retail area for outdoor plants is covered with Open Sky roofs to enable customers to shop comfortably regardless of the weather. The roofed area is designed in the shape of a U to emphasise the outdoor experience. The entire U-shaped area is surrounded by an outdoor garden, and an atrium has been built at its entrance to create a seamless transition from the inside of the building to the outside and make for a real outdoor experience indoors!

Watch the movie with an impression of Haskins Roundstone.

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