Thermoflor Construct Garten-Center Meier - Dürnten (CH)

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Garten-Center Meier - Dürnten (CH)

The new garden centre has been built according to the expert and experienced views of the Meier family. Thermoflor built the impressive entrance from steel and glass. The clerestory strip in the main building was also designed by Thermoflor, to create a greenhouse look. As green specialists in body and soul, the Meier family opted for various different types of greenhouses. The climate in those greenhouses can be optimised for both the customers and the plants, depending on the type of products presented for sale.

Around 5000 m² of the total area of 8200 m² is designed as an Open Sky greenhouse to ensure an optimum outdoor climate in all seasons.
The warm department, Belcasa, was built from high-grade insulating materials according to the latest technology. A heat pump provides the heat needed on particularly cold days. An extraordinary feature is the Butterfly Greenhouse – a greenhouse inside another greenhouse that is separately heated and suitable for the exhibition of tropical plants and animals.

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