Thermoflor Construct Brandnew Coppelmans garden centre in Nuenen is an attractive ‘work of art’ (NL)

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Brandnew Coppelmans garden centre in Nuenen is an attractive ‘work of art’ (NL)

Spring 2018 the town of Nuenen in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant saw the opening of the new branch of garden centre manager Patrick Coppelmans. In the town where Vincent van Gogh once painted his masterworks a new masterwork has arised. 

The new branch is conspicuously situated along the town’s northern ring road. The building is designed together with Mies Architectuur.  Striking features are its wooden entrance and the use of wood in the restaurant. Laminated pine trusses and columns ensure a welcoming atmosphere. Close attention is also paid to the new layout and the articles on sale, including attractive hardware and fresh green products.

At his website, Patrick Coppelmans reveals the secret of his successful formula: "The secret is that we don’t have a secret," he says with a broad grin. "It’s all because we’re a family business and manage everything ourselves. We buy our products directly from growers and we attend the auction ourselves every day. We also have our own buyers in the Far East. On top of that we form part of BTC-Retail, a close partnership of the De Bosrand, Tuinwereld and Coppelmans garden centres. Our aim with this group is to optimally benefit from the economies of scale in many fields to enable us to offer our customers a top-quality range at fair prices.”

Some facts & figures of the new branch:
• Covered area: 8,800 m2
• Greenhouse type: 12.80 m
• Eaves heights: 5 m and 7.50 m
• Parking places: around 300

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