Thermoflor Construct Plantorama to create a new-style garden centre (DK)

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Plantorama to create a new-style garden centre (DK)

The Danish Plantorama chain of garden centres has been given an attractive modern house style, which will find expression for the first time in its latest garden centre in Ega. Plantorama has sold its former garden centre in the town of Ega to the municipal authorities, which are going to build new houses at the site. Plantorama then took over an existing garden centre from a competitor, which it is going to partly demolish and then completely transform.

The new garden centre was designed by Breddels Architecten. Thermoflor is going to manage the project and build the new structure, which will measure 4,000 m2 and will include a storage area and offices all under the same roof. Work will start in the spring of 2018 and the modern new shop will open its doors to the public in the autumn of that same year.

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