Thermoflor Construct State of the art garden centre Coppelmans Oss (NL)

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State of the art garden centre Coppelmans Oss (NL)

Integration of new and existing buildings

September 2014 Thermoflor’s builders installed the steel structure for the new build of garden centre Coppelmans in the Dutch town of Oss. Part of the existing garden centre was already demolished, to be replaced by a new structure with an area of 5,200 m2.  We then integrated the old and new parts to create a beautiful shop with a roofed area of just over 6,000 m2.

The design for the new build comprises a central tall roof flanked by sloping roofs on either side. Green Stopsol glass combined with wooden planks  gives the new building a modern look.

The schedule we set up for the building work minimised the inconvenience for the customers, so that business could continue as usual. 
The new building was officially opened in spring 2015.

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