Research centres

Develop and build research centres for agriculture, horticulture and greenhouse farming

To develop and build research centres is extremely exciting because it always entails far-reaching bespoke solutions. Our clients are, for example, research institutions, specialists in crop design or seed breeding, nursery cooperatives or educational organisations (universities) with their own R&D departments. Every one of these clients presents us with an extensive package of requirements for both the nursery systems and buildings and the research and office buildings.

High-quality technologies for research centres

The development and building of nurseries and greenhouses for research demands very specific expertise and technologies. We develop structures that meet the highest standards with regard to safety, air density, hygiene and quarantine. With, for example, a continuous overpressure or underpressure, washing chambers and control technology aligned with every specific application.

Below we provide examples of research centres developed and built by Thermoflor and/or Deforche.

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