Glasshouses and greenhouses

Specialist in building glasshouses, greenhouses and other 
glass structures in steel and glass

Thermoflor and parent company Deforche Construct developed in the previous century to become a specialist in ‘places to grow’ and, specifically, in garden centres. The origin of both our companies, however, is in the building of greenhouses. We can safely say that we are still amongst the very best on a global scale within this field of expertise. We make a distinction between three main types in relation to the building of greenhouses and glasshouses. 

Wide-span greenhouses

We build these traditional greenhouses in every required span width. Even if most of our customers choose the standard sizes that are common in the sector. We see the wide-span greenhouses used in nurseries and growers as part of garden centres or at research centres.

• Span lengths from 6.40 to no less than 28.80 metres
• Four-sided rubber sealing regardless of the nature of the glazing
• Walls and roofs made of glass, plastic or sandwich panels
• Bespoke design and construction for every application

"Cabrio" greenhouses

These greenhouses with a roof that can slide open for up to no less than 80% are ideal for outdoor cultures or use at garden centres. Approximately the same climate is present in the greenhouse as outside, but you simply slide the roof shut when there are strong winds, rain or hailstorms.

• Spans of 6.40 to 20 metres
• Span sizes ranging from 3.20 m to 4.80 m
• Cover in different materials
• Various types with roofs that can be opened from 65% to 80%
• Strong foundations for a wide range of options for indoor technology

"Venlo" greenhouses

Sound production greenhouses or glasshouses for an inexpensive canopy of large areas for the cultivation of vegetables and plants. Also suitable for a growing environment in garden centres.

• Span lengths ranging from 6.40 to 20,00 metres
• Maximum ventilation capacity
• Roof widths ranging from 3.20 to 4.80 metres
• Very transparent for optimum light output
• Robust structure for every possible application

Below we provide an overview of the many different greenhouse building projects for customers here and abroad.

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