Garden Center Coppelmans in Veldhoven is undergoing a renovation

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Mies Architectuur Utrecht


After a lengthy process to change its designation, the permit for constructing a stunning new garden center in Veldhoven was finally granted last June. 

The new garden center, replacing its old location, spans over 9,000 m² with an additional 1,500 m² on the upper floor and 1,000 m² of outdoor space. Owners Edwin Coppelmans and his wife Monique are excited about the prospects: "We'll be able to curate a complete assortment with a strong focus on experience and ambiance, consistent with our group's standards."

Noteworthy about the new construction is its 'green' aesthetic, featuring solar panels, heavily insulated materials, plenty of wooden accents, and green glass. The plan also includes extensive catering facilities with an outdoor terrace overlooking the fields of Brabant. "There will be endless possibilities here," says Edwin Coppelmans.

Thermoflor will build the construction, slated to begin after the summer vacation. The Coppelmans family manages a total of 8 garden centers in the Eindhoven region, renowned for their extensive greenery selection, atmospheric rooms, and spectacular Christmas displays.

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