Thermoflor Construct History


History and future within a single company

Thermoflor has a long history. It goes all the way back to 1877, when G. Grimbergen Sr opened a smithy in the town of Poeldijk in the Dutch agricultural Westland area.

Around 1900 Mr Grimbergen could rightly claim to be the first 'greenhouse builder' in the Westland area: he built the first conservatories for the region’s burgeoning viticulture. Around 1925 those conservatories slowly but steadily evolved into proper greenhouses, comprising several linked spans.

By that time the company had undergone quite a few changes: from simple conservatories to complex turnkey projects. But a lot had remained unchanged, too. Thermoflor, as the company is now called, is currently managed by Gertjan of the fifth Grimbergen generation.

G. Grimbergen 
J. Grimbergen
2nd generation
G. Grimbergen
3rd generation
Henk and Jan Grimbergen
4th generation