New roof on the warm greenhouse

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 10:11
Thermoflor - verdekken warme kas

After Pentecost we will start to cover the warm greenhouse at Tuincentrum de Boet in North Holland.

De Boet was founded in 1972 and grew into an extensive garden centre where atmosphere and experience are central. De Boet is a day out and has become a common name in the Netherlands.

Large parts of the old roofing of the warm greenhouse are now 25 years old and are exchanged for new 32 mm thick polycarbonate sheets. These sheets have a 40% higher energy saving compared to the old sheets. During this renovation, new screen cloths will also be fitted, making this green atmosphere department ready for the coming years.

Tuincentrum De Boet
Tuincentrum De Boet
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