The relationship with our clients is given the highest priority in relation to everything that we do. This personal approach is in the DNA of the family-run company. As are honesty and working based on trust. We focus completely on the objectives of our clients, listen attentively to their preferences and foster dialogue. We take a constructive approach with the entrepreneur about his commercial goals and will together arrive at creative and effective solutions. 


Total support 

We believe in making it as easy as possible for our clients. We take a proactive approach during the preliminary process and carry out targeted market research. We provide advice and develop creative and result-focused overall concepts. We subsequently organise the construction, renovation and furnishing. So that at the end of the journey the client can simply start: turnkey delivery. 



We are a global specialist in realising innovative glass buildings. We have developed to become the expert after trading for more than 100 years. We therefore know everything there is to know about a clean, healthy and pleasant indoor climate. And about creating an evocative and inviting environment that will deliver a unique overall experience. 



We think outside of the box when it comes to clients. We know exactly what is possible due to our many years of knowledge and experience. We can therefore cater creatively
with regard to specific requirements and situations. We can also every time set the trend in the market for garden centres with innovative concepts. 



We believe the long term is important as a family-run company. We use our expertise and experience for the following generations and create future-proof companies. The relationship with our clients is often transferred from generation to generation. This means that we come to know our clients through and through. You can see that in our work! 


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