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Rutishauser (CH)

Reconstruction in Zuberwangen

In 2012 Rutishauser AG celebrated its 100th anniversary. A wonderful family-owned Swiss company that rightly calls itself the Blumenfamilie – Flower Family. Motivated by its great love of flowers and plants, the company grows and sells flowering pot plants and tulips of all types and sizes. 

In September 2013 around 80% of the nursery’s 5 hectares was destroyed by fire. After this catastrophe  - fortunately without any human casualties – the company immediately began to plan reconstruction work.  The permit for the new build was granted this September. Partly thanks to the many years of good relations between the family companies Rutishauser and Thermoflor, Rutishauser has now entrusted Thermoflor to carry out the reconstruction work. 

The first and second phases, which will be built in the next six months, will comprise modern 12.80-m broad-span roofs with a total area of 14,000 m2. The diffuse glass will make for optimum climate and growing conditions. The tulips and plants grow in benches that move across the premises fully automatically. The complex steel structure combined with an eaves height of 8.00 m ensures sufficient room for growing the plants in several layers while simultaneously processing the multitude of logistic operations. If everything proceeds according to schedule, the work will be completed in the summer of 2015.

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