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Rutishauser: the Ecofarm will soon be finished (CH)

Rutishauser: the Ecofarm will soon be finished 

On 6 September 2013 around 80% of the total area of 50,000 m2 of the nursery of the Rutishauser family in Züberwangen was destroyed by fire. A year later work began on the phased construction of new premises  - an  "Ecofarm". In the autumn of 2015 we completed the first phase of this building project, enabling the family to continue a large part of its propagation work. The intention is for us to have completed the entire new build by the end of this year. A period of twelve months was scheduled for the second building phase, involving an area of 19,000 m2.

The Ecofarm will be partly based on developments in the field of sustainability. For example, some of the plant species will be grown with LED lighting. Energy is saved by dividing the greenhouse’s heating across two levels and facilities for solar panels are being installed.
The crops are grown in two layers to make the most of the space available in the greenhouse, and half of its area is fitted with a multi-ventilation system to ensure greater flexibility for e.g. the cultivation of outdoor plants.

The various companies involved in this challenging project together developed an ingenious masterplan that is managed by a team comprising Hans Looser (production leader for Rutishauser), Ivo Otter (project leader on behalf of Thermoflor), Urs Rutishauser (owner) and Martin de Jong (technical manager for Rutishauser). 

The entire new build is scheduled to be in full operation in early 2017, and will then be able to provide the quality for which the Swiss are so renowned.

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