Thermoflor Construct Presidential Palace - Ankara (TR)

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Presidential Palace - Ankara (TR)

The master gardeners of the presidential gardens in Ankara are to have new premises. Thermoflor has been commissioned to construct a new greenhouse on a turn-key basis. The building will be over 800 m² with an intermediate floor of 300 m² and will be multifunctional, with the greenhouse including: meeting areas, offices, storage, and space for their own production, where they can produce flowers and vegetables organically.

The Dutch trade delegation in Turkey, led by Lilianne Ploumen, the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, visited this project on Tuesday 3 June 2014.

We are honoured to once again be able to carry out construction work for the president. In the past we built an orangery in the presidential gardens in Istanbul. The construction site is not normally accessible and strict safety requirements have to be met.

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