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Karlsen - Raufoss (NO)

We build a production greenhouse for the Karlsen company in the Norwegian village Fall. The tulip growers got a new greenhouse with an area of more than 3,000 m² covered with four wide-span roofs with a width of 12.80 metres and a length of 62 metres.

Karlsen was already one of our customers, and we are pleased that they have asked us to do more construction work for them. The company has opted for PMMA plates as the new greenhouse´s roofing material. This material proved very satisfactory in the past because of its high light transmission and its ability to transmit UV radiation. UV radiation is very favourable in the cultivation of flowers as it gives them a richer, more intense colour.

Karlsen is one of the four largest tulip growers in Norway, supplying mostly to Norwegian wholesalers and florists. The products of this highly advanced company are automatically transported through the premises in containers . This reduces the need for staff, enabling the company to sell its high-quality flowers at a competitive price.

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