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Large Swiss nursery opens modern new premises on monumental date


7 September 2017 saw the opening of ‘Ecofarm’, a large-scale modern nursery owned by the Swiss Rutishauser family. Following a fire that destroyed the facility in 2013 long-term construction partner Thermoflor was commissioned to handle the rebuilding work. In 2014, after an intensive permit stage, Thermoflor started work on the new premises, which measure almost 40,000 m2.

The construction took place in two stages in order to get the nursery’s production up and running as quickly as possible. The coordination and collaboration between all the companies involved formed an ingenious and successful master plan. The nursery was built using sustainable elements, such as LED lighting, solar panels and heating on two levels. The nursery has two-layer cultivation to make the best possible use of space.

No fewer than 70 large trailers travelled from the Thermoflor site in Heerlen to Switzerland with all the necessary materials, including:

  • 1,100,000 kg of steel
  • 375 tonnes of glass
  • 80,000 kg of aluminium.

At the beginning of 2017 the last construction stage was completed. The opening date of 7 September is exactly four years after the fire. Now that the whole new facility is open, the Rutishauser family can happily once again supply the quality that is so characteristic of the Swiss.

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