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Expanding a garden centre - more space for sales and profits

Do you want to expand your garden centre? Ensure that you consider your objectives carefully so that the expansion can be aligned with them as optimally as possible. The expansion of a garden centre may be due to wanting more sales in relation to a specific existing product group. The owner of the garden centre sometimes also wants to diversity and therefore add product groups. It does, however, make a huge difference if you want to, for example, sell paving, ponds or verandas and awnings. Sometimes, it can also be a good idea to take any possible future developments in the range into account when expanding.

Expanding a garden centre as part of a master plan

We were already anticipating in advance the expansion projects of some of our customers. What is more, we sometimes advice our customers to already take into account future expansions during the new build planning phase. If, for example, you have an area of 8,000 m2 available for building, it may be better from an investment perspective to start with 5,000 m2 for the presentation of a strong core range. You will keep the remaining 3,000 m2 as a backup in this way. If the garden centre does indeed run as it should and the optimum turnover has been achieved, you can expand by offering your existing customers more products. Such a prudent step-by-step plan ensures that large financial risks are prevented during the start-up phase.

Broad support when expanding your garden centre

At Thermoflor we not only understand design and construction, but also how to approach the market, product groups, target group research and general developments in the sector. All this expertise is available to you when expanding your garden centre. See also the projects below.

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