Centuries of experience have joined forces…
Two family-run companies form a historic strong alliance

If we examine the current Thermoflor together with sister company Deforche Construct that is part of the Deforche Construction Group, we can do no less than look back with wonder and admiration to the long history that partly run concurrently and that ultimately brought both sister companies together.

Thermoflor in the Netherlands since 1887

It is more than 130 years ago that G. Grimbergen Senior opened a smithy in Westland, to be exact, in the traditional Dutch village of Poeldijk. In 1900, Grimbergen starts to build glasshouses for grape vines and, around 1925, the company is amongst the largest greenhouse producers of the Netherlands. The company remained in the family until 2018 when it concluded a strategic alliance with the Belgian Deforche Construction Group under the leadership of the fifth generation.

Deforche in Belgium since 1932

The company of the Deforche family is slightly younger but just as successful: Deforche Construct NV The company was established in 1932. At that time, the company specialised in the construction of traditional timber glasshouses. The second generation showed an interest in innovation and adaptation to market requirements by changing to metal structures. It had a world first in 1958 with the construction of an aluminium glass roof on a steel substructure. Deforche became a pioneer in the construction of greenhouses using steel and aluminium systems and grew to become an internationally respected expert in building complexes using glass, steel and aluminium, what is commonly known as 'glass buildings'.

Together ready for the future

Thermoflor with its excellent reputation and network in the Netherlands and the financially powerful Deforche Construction Group turned out to be an ideal match. With shared expertise and ambitions and, in particular, with the drive that is so typical for family-run companies to ensure constant innovation and commitment to clients (which are also often family-run companies). Since 2018, both companies have been working closely together and now the first clients are reaping the benefits. Together with Deforche, Thermoflor realises surprisingly beautiful and commercially successful garden centres. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain but also in Poland, Latvia and Russia and even in the United States. See also our impressive project portfolio.


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