Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Global benchmark for the design and realisation for places to grow

Thermoflor stands for the design, production and construction of innovative garden centres all over the world. We supply bespoke solutions aligned with the requirements of the client, the possibilities that the environment has to offer and the needs of the local consumer. We make it as easy as possible for our clients. Garden centres are delivered ready for service and offer long-term support both commercially and technically. We always keep an eye on the long term and sustainability in every sense of the word. The long-term success of our clients is what drives us. We therefore always also look at how it can be done better and we continue to innovate.

Building for the consumer

Thermoflor wants to be the global reference. The benchmark in relation to successful and modern garden centres. We therefore actively contribute together with our client and we always go the extra mile for the client. We develop technically leading garden centres that offer a total experience to the entire family. A light, inviting and evocative area that stimulates all the senses. We therefore primarily build our garden centres for the customers of our clients.

Coming to know each other thoroughly

We believe that a warm and endurable relationship is best when it comes to clients. We like to do business in a pleasant and personal way where we believe it is important that we come to know our clients and what their preferences and requirements are. We can then finely attune our services to this.

Developing and advising based on knowledge of the market

A garden centre has a specific function in its environment. Our challenge is to ensure we provide this function in such a way that the greatest possible added value is created. It is therefore very useful that we have extensive expertise in the field of garden centres and the market in various countries and regions. We provide tailor-

made advice to our clients and assist in building up their garden centre (or to refurbish it) for business success. There is good reason why we use the following slogan: Your Place to Grow

Are you thinking about innovation?

Thermoflor - Deforche Construct - Jan Arens

Your consultant for Export markets:

Jan Arens

+32 475 77 23 28

Ben Boon

Your consultant for The Netherlands:

Ben Boon 

+31 646 607 901

Bernhard Graessner

Your consultant for Germany: 

Bernhard Graessner 

+49 160 956 715 29 


Virginia Romero

Your consultant for Spain:

Virginia Romero
+34 657 153 313



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