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Having a profitable garden centre built begins with the expertise of a true specialist

Do you want to have a new garden centre built or renovate an existing one? You will then be starting a complex process that entails the taking of many technical, aesthetic and commercial decisions. Our experienced consultants will gladly help you make the right choices. The result will be more visitors who stay longer at your garden centre, who spend more and who will be positive about your garden centre after visiting.

A construction company that understands garden centres

Thermoflor is a family-run company that has been trading for more than 140 years. Initially, a glasshouse and greenhouse specialist that has designed and built more than 3,000 garden centres and other glass buildings since the 1960's on a global scale. Our expertise has not just focused on design and construction alone for a long time. We are a true garden centre specialist and can therefore also provide advice about location, consumer behaviour, ranges, layout and routing of the store and issues such as energy consumption, corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

Stubborn garden centre consultants

You are, of course, the boss of the project and we will attentively listen to all your preferences and requirements. That does not, however, mean that we will blindly implement everything you ask. We will offer support during every step of the project. If, for example, you want 5000 m2 to be built and we believe that you would be initially better off with 2500 m2 with an option to expand later on. If we see

opportunities to save on money or to optimise your profits, we will certainly tell you. We will critically examine all facets that may have an impact on your success supported by our wide and long experience in developing and building garden centres.

Having a garden centre built - location and market

If you are thinking of having a new garden centre built, you probably already have a location in mind. Before we design, we will examine the market around your new garden centre together with you. We analyse the composition of households, distribution of income and travel distances of your potential customers. We will, obviously, also create a picture of your direct and indirect competition. Based on this information, you can take the decision to actually implement the project, to possibly adjust the concept or format or to wait for an alternative location. Our goal is not necessarily to build a building come what may. We want to create a place where you can grow!

Layout of your new garden centre

In addition to selecting a location and the area on which building will take place, the smart layout of your garden centre is also key. After all, there are rules of thumb about routing and presentation that will ensure that customers can easily find their way to the products that they want. And also the products that they were not looking for but would like to purchase. Together we will examine the needs of the market and the composition of a range that fits in with this and your personal preferences. Next, we produce a floor plan based on this range with the optimum number of square metres per product group. The routing that we propose using in your new garden centre will take into account the preferences of both hit and run and fun shoppers to guarantee the highest sales and an excellent return on investment.

Making choices and creating opportunities starts with making contact

Do you want to build a garden centre? Then the first and most important choice is having a partner for your project. Our consultant will gladly meet with you to have a chat about creating your own place to grow without obligation.

  • Introduction and determination of the question.
  • With our professional knowledge, we think along with you and provide advice.
  • Together we achieve a clear question and a package of wishes
  • Thermoflor comprehensively defines your questions and wishes.
  • Thermoflor draws up the schedule of requirements.
  • Thermoflor develops a concept (an idea, sketch) and makes a budget estimate.
  • The various options are shown and explained in a presentation. With your feedback we will adjust or adapt the concept.
  • The adjusted concept is definitively established.
Sketch design
Sketch design
  • The concept is elaborated in a sketch design and a plan of approach for engineering, advice and project management
Final design
Final design
  • Further elaboration of the design and engineering.
  • Budget for construction costs and / or investment costs.
  • Submit a permit application.
  • Coordination with other advisers and authorities involved.
  • Start of the construction process.
  • Evaluation / customer satisfaction survey design process.
  • Control and supervision of implementation according to established design

Are you thinking about innovation?

Thermoflor - Deforche Construct - Jan Arens

Your consultant for Export markets:

Jan Arens

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Your consultant for The Netherlands:

Ben Boon 

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Bernhard Graessner

Your consultant for Germany: 

Bernhard Graessner 

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Virginia Romero

Your consultant for Spain:

Virginia Romero
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