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Doubling of retail area at Intratuin Duiven (NL)

The Nusselder brothers of the Duiven branch of the Intratuin chain of garden centres have asked us to help them take a major step forward in the expansion of their shop to enable them to present all their product groups in a better way all the year round.

This year, the retail area of Intratuin Duiven is going to grow from its present 16,000 m2 divided over two floors and an outdoor area to a total of 24,000 m2. This will create more room for such articles as outdoor plants, pottery and the successful Christmasworld.

All the groups of articles will be updated following the expansion. The brothers have closely studied the various articles’ sales figures and the most effective layout for them. One result of this is that the pet department will now be doubled in size. In view of the large area – customers will soon be walking almost one kilometre through the new shop – an extra catering facility will be included along the route.

The layout of the outdoor section is also going to change. The unheated department will be expanded with ‘multi-ventilation greenhouses’ (greenhouses with extra ventilation windows) to ensure an optimum climate all the year round. And an extra 2,000 m2 will be built onto the warehouse to create more storage room.

The carpark will be made more customer-friendly with more parking places (1,000) that are situated much closer to the entrance than in the previous situation. The nearby Plaza Graafstaete shopping centre will also benefit from this.

We will be completing the 1st phase of this large-scale expansion this October. That will be followed by a 2nd phase lasting until the spring of 2018, which will focus on expanding the catering and leisure activities.

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