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Second garden centre to be built for the Rosebourne chain (GB)

Rosebourne has commissioned the construction of a new garden centre in Aldermaston. It will comprise a farm shop, a butcher’s, a coffee corner, a plant section and a garden/gift shop with a total area of 2860 m2. There will also be a roofed outdoor retail area measuring 628 m2.

The outdoor plant retail area will measure around 1750 m2 and there will be a car park with 200 spaces. An existing building will be torn down to make room for the new build. Rosebourne has also applied for permission for the creation of a better route to the motorway to improve its accessibility. 

HPW will supervise the whole project and the building work will once again be done by Thermoflor. So the successful introduction of the first branch of the Rosebourne chain in Andover, whose construction we completed in 2016, will now be succeeded by an attractive second branch. Thermoflor was granted this assignment at the Glee in Birmingham this September.

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