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Modern, natural look for new garden centre Klondyke Leeds (GB)

Thanks to the good experiences with the last project in Wilmslow, the Klondyke Group has once again entrusted us with a project: the construction of a new garden centre in Leeds.

We are going to build the Leeds garden centre, which will have an area of 3100 m2, for the Klondyke Group together with Geo Hodges this year. Almost 700 m2 of that area will be a covered outdoor garden. 

The Klondyke Group like their garden centres to have a modern, natural look, which is why a lot of use is made of wooden elements in the design, to give the centres a sustainable appearance. The walls of the new garden centre will be covered with western red cedar wood. At the garden café will be a hybrid curtain wall made of aluminium on wooden rails. The Klondyke Group’s new garden centre will be yet another eye-catcher, with a welcoming, exclusive character.

The opening of Klondyke Leeds is scheduled for September 2016.

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