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V.V. Plantes – Hyères (FR)

Regional green retailers such as small garden centres and florists know their way to VV-plantes. The wholesale centre of the young entrepreneur Alain van Vliet was beginning to come apart at the seams. He therefore decided to develop a new building together with Thermoflor.

Alain´s parents moved from the Netherlands to Hyères in France thirty years ago. Alain has meanwhile taken over the company. His Dutch background prompts him to buy Dutch products of a high quality. VV-plantes offers its customers a wide range of articles, including green products,  decoration materials and hardware such as gardening tools and garden furniture. Many of the houseplants are grown in-house.

The wholesale centre will have the look of a garden centre. We are going to pay a lot of attention to stylistic details to create the right atmosphere: ‘It´s important for a wholesale centre to offer its customers an appealing retail experience too. A building with a high-quality look will have a positive impact on the customers´ experience and their appreciation of the presented products.’

The new, multifunctional building will have a cash & carry department comprising a heated and an unheated greenhouse and an outdoor area covered with a shade screen roof. Another area will be used for preparing large orders for dispatch, and there will also be a separate greenhouse entirely equipped for the propagation of houseplants, including the required technical installations. Besides building the greenhouse, we will also be jointly responsible for the climate control and the water engineering together with Lek/Habo and Stolze.

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